Peter Watkins

dr Peter Watkins

Cambridge University Press


Peter Watkins has been involved in teacher education for many years and is currently the Course Leader for the MA in Applied Linguistics and TESOL at the University of Portsmouth. His main research interests relate to teacher education and materials writing and his publications include Teaching and Developing Reading Skills (Cambridge University Press, 2017), Extensive Reading in ELT: Why and How? and Extensive Reading for Primary in ELT (both Cambridge University Press, 2018), Learning to Teach English (Delta Publishing, second edition 2014, first edition 2005), and The CELTA Course (co-authored with Scott Thornbury, Cambridge University Press, 2007).


Reading and developing expertise in teaching reading

The approach to the teaching of reading in the classroom seems to be well established and we rarely stop to question the extent to which our practice actually ‘teaches’ reading at all. To what extent does our classroom practice correspond to what we know from research about how reading is learned and how well does it prepare our learners for reading outside the classroom? This talk will critique the received wisdom on how we should help our learners develop reading skills and will offer practical classroom alternatives. It concludes with a brief discussion of how teachers can develop expertise in the teaching of reading.