Lindsay Warwick

Lindsay Warwick



Lindsay Warwick is a teacher, trainer and materials writer. She has been teaching general English and exam preparation courses for over twenty years. She is a CELTA trainer and has delivered teacher development courses in the UK and abroad on topics such as train the trainer, using technology in the classroom and helping learners to prepare for exams. She is co-author of Gold Preliminary B1, Gold Experience B1 and B2+, Expert IELTS 6 and Pearson’s new general English series Roadmap (A2 and A2+).


A Formula for flexibility in exam preparation courses

Exam preparation courses for the Cambridge exams can vary significantly from one to another in terms of length, the level and aptitude of learners, learner preferences and learner motivation.  In this session, we’ll look at how we can select and adapt course materials to account for differences between classes, as well as select and adapt materials to account for differences between learners in a class. so that we create a learning path relevant to the learners in our class.