Daniel Vincent

Daniel Vincent

Cambridge University Press


Daniel has taught English for over 20 years in the UK, Japan, Ukraine and Spain. He has recently co-authored Own it! and is currently working on a set of project materials to accompany Compact Preliminary for Schools. He has studied materials development for endangered languages, is a contributor to the Cambridge University Press blog, and teaches adults, teenagers and young learners at the British Council in Madrid.


You can say that again! Practical ideas for enhancing students’ speaking

Even as their passive knowledge of the language expands, when it comes to speaking, our teenage students often rely on more basic grammar and vocabulary to express their ideas, rather than pushing themselves to say things in a different and more nuanced way. How can we help them stretch themselves? This is where the key skill of paraphrasing comes in, and in this session we will look at how we can develop our learners’ ability to paraphrase both their grammar and vocabulary, offering a range of simple, practical activities that teachers can readily use in class.