Katherine Stannett

Katherine Stannett

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Katherine Stannett is an author with over twenty years of experience. She spent two years in Japan in the 1990s, teaching English to a wide variety of students in many different settings. She is the co-author of the several successful secondary series and has also written articles, songs and raps for many popular EFL magazines. Most recently, she has written two levels of the new National Geographic Middle School series, ‘Impact’ and one level of the new National Geographic Primary series, ‘Look’. She has given presentations and run workshops in many countries around the world, including Poland, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Honduras, Brazil, Spain and Slovenia and also conducts webinars from her home office in the UK.


Looking Beyond the Classroom

The English classroom can and should be so much more than simply a place where our students learn a language. It should be a launchpad; a place where we inspire, excite and motivate our students to look out beyond the classroom and learn about the connections between their lives and the world they live in. In this inspiring place, our role as teachers should be not only to teach the core language, functions and skills, but also to guide our young learners along the path to becoming global citizens.

In today’s talk, I will be sharing some ways in which we can use real lives, real places and real stories to teach language while engaging our young learners and encouraging them to find out about the world. I will suggest different ways to incorporate powerful images and amazing facts into our lessons and still cover the syllabus, transforming our classrooms into places of wonder and learning.