Chaz Pugliese

Chaz Pugliese



Chaz Pugliese is a trainer, lecturer, presenter and author working out of Paris.

Currently Director of Education at Pilgrims, UK,  Chaz has been a regular presenter at international conferences over the years, has trained teachers in over 30 countries and has contributed extensively to several ELT journals.

His first book, Being Creative: the Challenge of Change in the Classroom was published by DELTA in 2010. A second title, Principled Communicative Approach, which Chaz wrote with Zoltàn Dörnyei and Jane Arnold, was published by Helbling in 2015. Creating Motivation (Helbling, 2017) is the last book published. 

Chaz is a founding member (with Alan Maley) of the C-group (Creativity for a Change). www.thecreativitygroup/weebly.com

A keen guitarist, he likes any music that’s raw, honest and real.



Why Creativity may well turn out to be any teacher’s best friend

In this talk I will suggest that teaching creatively may have an impact on the students’ enthusiasm and may fuel their interest and curiosity to learn.

I will firstly look at the different types of creativity, debunk a few persisting myths surrounding creativity, then I will  outline a few strategies that may enhance our creative potential. The ultimate goal is for the teacher to walk into the classroom with a ‘let’s see what happens’ attitude, come up with pedagogical ideas that are engaging both affectively and cognitively, are simple to use, require little or no preparation and are fun and challenging to do in the classroom.