Marek Kokosiński

Marek Kokosiński

K&K School of English


Co-owner and director of K&K School of English. Linguist, teacher of English in Poland and the USA (has taught students from 51 countries), translator, interpreter. Writes absurd miniature poems in three languages (English, Polish and Spanish) as well as short stories. Writes songs, both lyrics and music, sings and plays the guitar. The lyrics of his songs are based on word play and are sometimes like tongue twisters. Acted in a few theatrical productions both during university years as well as during his career as a language teacher and the school director. Is the author of “Little Dreams”, a play performed under his linguistic guidance by the students of K&K School of English. Also supervised the school’s staging of two other plays, “Our Town” and “The Cripple of Inishmaan”. Likes jazz, track and field athletics, good football, travelling, books of nonsense, the cinema. Thinks people are generally good but life is fairly absurd and does not treat them well enough so having a sense of humour is a must.


The Mini Hipper, the Periscope Lady and other curiosities in Hippo Stories full of wonderful adventures

The Mini Hipper, tuk-tuks, the Periscope Lady, faithful sheep in Hippo Stories in which Hippo and his friends have wonderful adventures. They travel to places which are far away or just next door.

In a recent interview, Hippo said these stories are not only about exotic places and unusual situations. They may be educational as they give a glimpse of other places and fun at the same time as there is a bit of magic in them.

Hippo thinks that the stories he tells are sometimes joyfully sad and sadly joyful and that they value friendship. He knows that his whole “gang” – as he calls his friends – can get annoyed with one another but on the whole they get on very well.

Hippo also thinks that these stories are not only for young learners but for everyone with rich imagination.

Here is the beginning of “Hippo the Traveller” – one of Hippo Stories:

“Hippo loved travelling. He also loved detective stories and his favourite detective was Lieutenant Columbo. So one day Hippo got on a plane and flew to Colombo…”

Hippo cannot tell you the whole story here but invites you to the presentation at PASE Young Learners Conference to discover more.