Helen Jones

Helen Jones


Having graduated with a BA in Spanish&French and taken a Celta, I moved to Poland to teach English as a foreign language – and I'm still here over 15 years later. I run a language school in a small town near the Czech Republic, supervise our staff and of course teach English. As a mother of a 5 year old bilingual kid, I was of course interested in the topic of fluent English children in Poland, but I have become progressively engaged in this area, since meeting some returning emigrant families. I run the „Anglojęzyczne dzieci w Polsce” group on facebook and provide help and assistance where I can to those teaching fluent English children.


The Anglojęzyczne challenge – teaching native level kids in Poland

So many British/Polish children are returning from living abroad and yet there are no systems set up in Poland to deal with these native level children. Within the state school system they are often ignored/misunderstood, whilst even in the private language school sector teachers often have little to no experience of teaching English as a first language. My talk will aim to address the following issues: How can we help these children? What do they need and how can we as teachers provide them with the necessary support? How is teaching English as a first language different from teaching EFL and how can we as EFL teachers adapt to it? What resources are available for fluent children? How can we as educators inspire them and help them reach their full potential?