Gareth Davies

Gareth Davies

Oxford University Press


Gareth Davies is a writer, storyteller, teacher, and teacher trainer based in Cardiff. He has been in the ELT industry for 23 years teaching in Portugal, the UK, Spain, and the Czech Republic. Recently, he has been teaching and storytelling in Japan. Since 2005, Gareth has worked closely with Oxford University Press, delivering teacher training and developing materials. Gareth is also an examiner for the new Oxford Test of English and Trinity College, London. Outside of teaching, Gareth is an author of fiction, a poet and a storyteller. His first novel “Humans, Being”, was published by Cinnamon Press in April 2019. He is interested in developing creative writing and story-telling ideas for the classroom.


First class communication

If getting students to speak or write in English is difficult, then getting them to discuss issues and share their views is close to  impossible.  Teachers say that the learners can’t even do this in their own language let alone a foreign one. So how do we make the impossible possible? In this talk we will look at classroom management techniques and teaching ideas that will encourage ideas to flow and inspire students to share their opinions and thoughts when speaking and writing in English.